CampTek Software Launches CampTek Live with PHOME

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, many businesses, especially those in the art industry, have suffered from state-mandated stay-at-home orders.  CampTek Software couldn’t sit idly by while their local musicians and venues missed out on the summer season that keeps many of them afloat; they wanted to help.  In doing so, not only have they found a perfect solution, they’ve also found a way for people to stay connected during these trying times. 

Through their partnership with the Portland House of Music and Events (PHOME), CampTek Software is proudly announcing the launch of CampTek Live.  A virtual way for venues, artists, and fans to host, perform, and attend live music events online. The CampTek Software community felt the growing absence of the upbeat energy usually generated by the hub of music in Maine, but not anymore! Now Portland can enjoy live music again and not miss out on the in-person concert experience.

The launch of CampTek Live was initially inspired by the unique implications of COVID-19. However, it’s reach allows venues, artists, and potential partners to connect with new fans on more platforms than they ever thought possible using the five-star concierge music stream services offered by CampTek Live. The set-up is simple, easily monetized, and most importantly, allows the businesses and artists involved to prioritize their own personal work. 

Livestreaming music industry services may have been difficult to get a hold of before, but now they’re completely accessible and efficient thanks to CampTek Software’s hardworking team and PHOME’s desire to be the first venue to work with them.  CampTek Software is enthusiastically looking forward to the development of CampTek Live in the coming months.